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Meet Taryn Zier, the Volunteer Program Manager at Eastside Baby Corner – Northshore

Recently EBC announced our merger with Northshore Baby Corner.

Renee_TarynTaryn Zier is the volunteer Program Manager of Northshore Baby Corner – now known as Eastside Baby Corner – Northshore. She has been a core volunteer there for five years. Her journey, however, began earlier when her daughter was newborn – almost nine years ago. As Taryn explains, “I came across information about Eastside Baby Corner. My heart leapt. I knew this was a cause I could really get behind; not only did I have a closetful of wonderful baby clothes and gear to pass along but, more importantly, I couldn’t bear the thought of children in my community going without warm clothes and diapers, especially when I had the ability to make a difference. I couldn’t find a baby corner in the north end, so I strapped my baby in the backpack and toured Eastside Baby Corner with Karen Ridlon, who shared about the joys, trials and tribulations of starting such a thing.”

Fast forward a few years: Taryn got serious about starting a baby corner in her area. She learned about a small baby corner at Bothell United Methodist Church. “I couldn’t believe my ears,” Taryn says, “I met with the organizer, April Carl, to offer my help. It so happens that her family was being transferred to Texas in one month, and she was very worried about this being the end of the operation. It was serendipitous and meant to be! I took over and, with the help of a handful of awesome volunteers, have been able to continue the good work.”

Taryn explains that while she is incredibly grateful to Bothell United Methodist Church for the space and support they have offered over the years, she knew the small NSBC team didn’t have the resources to meet the need in area in the best way possible. When Eastside Baby Corner was ready to take NSBC under their wing, Taryn says she was thrilled. “They have always been the role model in my mind – what EBC staff and volunteers are able to accomplish, their focus on the whole child and making every dollar and hour count, and the unwavering support from the Eastside community is truly amazing. I’m honored to help bring this to the north end. I think fondly about that meeting with Karen eight years ago, baby in tow, and I know this endeavor is coming full circle for me. And I couldn’t be more excited!”

In the photos: (Top) Taryn with EBC Executive Director, Renee Zimmerman. (Below) Some of the children’s items at Eastside Baby Corner – Northshore



About Eastside Baby Corner

Eastside Baby Corner helps kids thrive by providing the basic necessities that every child needs. At EBC, we give families help and hope.

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